A New Kind of Season - Announcing our 2021 Virtual Shows

A very Happy New Year from the Aizuris! As we all still hunker down and stay home, we have been determined to find new ways to bring music to you. With the help of some amazing presenters and a lot of planning, we're ready to announce our very unique 2021 season!

Beethoven, Alberga, Strozzi, and more...

Much of our season includes streaming two programs we recorded at Oktaven Audio, with beautiful cinematography by Xuan Films. Our two programs for 2021 are titled "Expanse" and "What's Past is Prologue." These creatively-designed and highly-produced performances will be available through various presenters' online platforms for a limited time.

The Aizuri Home Theater Experience

The beauty of these virtual shows: if you enjoyed it the first time, you can join another event and watch it all again! Select events will also include a live Q&A where you will get to chat with us in real time. Some concert series will feature different assortments of pieces chosen from the two programs, so be sure to check which series will present which pieces. Feel free to tune in multiple times to catch your favorite pieces, just like you might go back and see a movie that you absolutely love.
Our website includes information on presenters, programs, and links to purchasing tickets. Click on the button below to reserve your spot today!

New Friends & Collaborations 

We also have a few collaborative projects on the horizon, including the world premiere of "Seven Limbs" by composer Douglas J. Cuomo. The piece, based on a Tibetan Buddhist practice of purification, features a joint performance by Wilco guitarist Nels Cline and the Aizuris. Performances will stream February 3, 5, and 12.

Ayane Kozasa